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about bepro consultancy

Established in Texas in 1989, BePro is a global operating company that focuses on delivering innovative Training & Development (capacity building) and HR Management Consulting solutions.


With over 400 clients, our facilitators have extensive international work experience in the disciplines in which they teach often with 20 years+ thus providing real life examples and case studies. We have in depth experience of delivering training within the MENA region and beyond.


"The workshop on how to be a successful manager by BePro was very useful and eye opening. Filled with different group and individual exercises, it made it easier to grasp the information and apply it, while also being fun and educational. There are many key takeaways from the workshop that were applied with my team, which promoted a healthier work environment built on trust and efficiency."

- Sarah Alhmoud, Account Manager, Agency

"I was happy to attend an external workshop with people from different fields and with valuable experiences that added to mine. The workshop opened my mind towards new topics that were not clear to me for my career path. After attending BePro's workshop, I became better at searching, listening, and being more positive with my team - all while becoming more professional.

- May Abu Awad, Team Leader, NGO

The sessions were very enjoyable, valuable and interactive using training methods I can relate to and implement.  It was also very motivational; personally and professionally! I learnt what my leadership style is, and how it affects my ability to lead. I also became aware of other styles I should use. Moreover, the trainer is definitely on top of her game with a well-structured course. She showed me a lot of techniques I can use to influence the team and lead by example. So thank you and I look forward to sharing the results of this training and to future courses.

- Rana Haddadin, Marketing Manager, Retail