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Empowerment & Team Building Workshop


Dates: TBA

Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM (half-day)

Location: Shmesani | Amman, Jordan

Registration fee = JD 150

Workshop Description

Getting your message across in a way that is clear and coherent is a key skill in your professional and personal life. 


In this Blended Learning workshop, you will learn the tools and insights you need to communicate more effectively at work and communicate more clearly and persuasively with everyone on your team.


Learn the communication and team building skills you need to operate (and motivate) a powerful team – achieve clarity, trust, alignment, collaboration, and results. You will get practical tools and knowledge to apply at your job immediately.


BePro utilizes a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques that aim to help you learn the key skills and tools you need in an enjoyable and effective way.

Program Objectives

This soft skill workshop is based on the latest research and best practices related to team-based communication. It brings new experiences and examples to participants, as well as insights and understanding of what makes a successful team leader.

Upon completion of the Empowerment & Team Building Workshop, you will be able to:


  • Sharpen your communication skills and communicate more effectively

  • Develop an understanding of how to manage people and maximize results

  • Learn how to match different situations with the most effective mode of communication for each one

  • Discover the tools to empower team members

  • Identify barriers to delegation & work to overcome them

  • Learn how to make your case, whether you’re talking with a co-worker, your boss, or your customer

  • Learn and practice the skill of giving feedback & asking the right questions

ideal for...

This workshop is designed for business professionals in organizations overseeing work groups and/or departments, team leaders, managers, aspiring managers, and individuals looking to improve themselves.

training outline

Understanding Team Dynamics 


  • Team Leadership

  • Team Communication Structures

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Active Listening

  • Influencing for Results

  • Managing Change with the Team

Achieving Engagement

  • Team Performance Management

  • Setting Objectives for the Team

  • Conflict Management

  • Negotiation Strategies

  • Problem Solving

  • Fostering Innovation & Creativity

  • Decision Making and the Team

workshop information

Duration, Date & Time

TBA  |  

Location at BePro Consultancy head offices. Includes:

  • Full coffee break

  • Snacks 

  • Stationery

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What's next?

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workshop testimonials

"The workshop on how to be a successful manager by BePro was very useful and eye opening. Filled with different group and individual exercises, it made it easier to grasp the information and apply it, while also being fun and educational. There are many key takeaways from the workshop that were applied with my team, which promoted a healthier work environment built on trust and efficiency."

- Sarah Alhmoud, Account Manager at leading Ad agency

"I was happy to attend an external workshop with people from different fields and with valuable experiences that added to mine. The workshop opened my mind towards new topics that were not clear to me for my career path. After attending BePro's workshop, I became better at searching, listening, and being more positive with my team - all while becoming more professional.

- May Abu Awad, Team Leader at NGO

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