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Global Master Certificate in Integrated Supply Chain Management 

This program is an interactive Online/Offline Master Certificate from Michigan State University.


The Master Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics is a 3 course program that teaches you how to reduce costs across the supply chain, driving operational excellence throughout all levels. You’ll gain an integrated perspective of procurement, operations, and logistics while also learning how to develop, execute and manage a comprehensive logistics and distribution strategy. This program benefits professionals working in all areas of supply chain management, but more specifically those in logistics and distribution area.

COURSES (24 weeks)

  1. Supply Chain Management I

  2. Supply Chain Management II

  3. 'Specialist Course' options:

  • Integrated Logistics Strategy

  • Strategic Sourcing

(8 weeks)

(8 weeks)

(8 weeks)



Course 1- Supply Chain Management I

Supply chain management involves directing the flow of consumer and/or industrial goods – from procurement of raw materials, to production operations, to delivery. Supply chain management addresses both products and services. In this course, we explore the scope, planning, and application of supply chain management and identify the major components of technologies that lead to innovation.

Course 2- Supply Chain Management II

Building on concepts from the Supply Chain Management I course, we discuss how to determine and orchestrate supply chain processes and integrate and manage supply chain design. We also apply supply chain management principles to the service sector and examine strategic performance measurements.



Course 3- 'Specialist Course' options

Option 1: Integrated Logistics Strategy

Option 2: Strategic Sourcing



An organization’s success typically boils down to the efficiency and effectiveness of its supply chain. Effective supply chain management enhances productivity and performance with the strategic combination of people, systems and technology. These programs provide you with tools and techniques taught by faculty who are highly experienced in the supply chain subject matter, to explore global trends and contemporary issues affecting, and affected by, supply chain management. Michigan State‘s world-class reputation for providing supply chain solutions has been extended to individuals across the globe through 100% online supply chain certificates. 



  • Three eight-week online courses

  • Live chat room, email, social networking

  • Study groups

  • Learn anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection

  • Instructor-hosted discussion boards

  • Instructor-led streaming video lectures

  • Downloadable audio and video files

  • Live sessions with virtual whiteboards