The Key to Leadership

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Delegation: The Key to Leadership

1-day workshop / 3 hours


Shmeisani - Amman, Jordan

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JD 50

About this Workshop

Of all the key competencies for supervisors and managers, possibly the most important is the ability to delegate.


Mastering delegation allows you to expand your range of responsibility by empowering others to grow into your role and responsibilities. If you're good at your job, people will want more from you – that is the key to success.


This course offers you tools, skills, ideas, and methods to master this key competency.

workshop outline & outcomes

This soft skill workshop is based on the latest research and best practices related to high-performance sales. It brings new experiences and examples to participants, as well as insights and understanding of what makes a successful leader.


You will learn:


  • Principles, processes and methods of delegation

  • How to identify appropriate delegation opportunities

  • Maintaining control while delegating

  • Sharing authority, building trust and improving efficiency

  • Time management 

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Time & Date

TBA | 

Amman, Jordan


  • Full coffee break

  • Snacks 

  • Stationery


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